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Innovative Approaches with a Constructive Attitude

At Phylway we enjoy what we do, and it shows – in our people and in our work. Our personnel take great pride in their work and gain true satisfaction in getting the job done right – and our history of completed work reflects that attitude. We have regularly met the challenges of many ambitious projects. These projects have been entrusted to us because we listen, because we care, because we work diligently to deliver a quality product on time and within budget – and because we make it happen for our customers. We have all the experience and expertise needed to find different and better approaches to achieve the proper solution for any project.

Phylway lays the groundwork that provides a solid foundation for communities and businesses. We construct the levees that protect life and property from the ever-present threat of rising water. We install the distribution systems of water, sewer, gas and storm drainage that keep your community up and running. We build the roads and bridge the waterways to help you safely reach your destination. In addition, our concern for a safer, healthier environment is emphasized throughout the entire construction process.

We utilize inovative technology and equipment, both on and off site, to help minimize cost and maximize productivity – those two prime objectives shared mutually by contractor and owner alike. It’s all part of our commitment to meeting the ultimate objective at Phylway – customer satisfaction.

Our History
Committed to the philosophy of “working smarter, not harder”, Phyllis Adams entered the construction business in 1992 with one dump truck, a few thousand dollars, a father who was a self-made success in the construction business – and a fear of failure that proved to be her greatest motivator. Immersing herself in the dump truck business, Phyllis quickly recognized that many of her fellow truckers had difficulty juggling the business side of trucking while actually driving ten to twelve hours a day. Sensing a promising niche, she began as a business manager for those truckers – locating and scheduling work for them, invoicing their clients, collecting their receivables, and sending them a paycheck every week. Her idea soon caught on and Phylway was off and running.

When Hurricane Andrew wreaked havoc across South Louisiana, Phyllis poured her efforts into the clean-up phase in the wake of the storm, acquiring additional equipment and expanding her operation. She used that same equipment to make the transition into a few small water and sewer contracts once the clean-up had been accomplished – and the diversification of her business was underway. Gradually, as the contracts began to get larger, it was only natural that Phyllis would follow her father’s footsteps into highway and heavy construction – and Phylway Construction has continued to grow and prosper ever since.

Our Mission

Phylway Construction, LLC is a highly motivated team of individuals whose purpose is to provide QUALITY CONSTRUCTION EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. We are committed to excellence through maintaining the balance of our roles as a construction company, an employer, and a corporate citizen:

  • by practicing a fair, honest, courteous and professional approach in all associations
  • by implementing operative standards to provide a safe working and living environment
  • by evaluating and diversifying to achieve maximum productivity and profitability
  • by fostering the challenge of continual advancement in education and technology
  • by encouraging the exchange of ideas through open communication
  • by actively participating and sharing the needed resources within our community
  • by maintaining our reputation as a well-respected advisor and leader to the construction industry


Terms & Conditions

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Information Collected by Phylway Construction
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Phylway Construction will not reveal any personal information that users provide to us to any third party without their permission. Phylway Construction uses users IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Web site. We also use it to gather broad demographic information about our users in general. This information does not contain anything that can identify users personally. We may combine demographic information supplied by a subscriber at registration with site usage data to provide profiles, in aggregate form, about our users and their preferences in the content of the site. We may share this composite information with our advertisers to help them better understand our services, but Phylway Construction does not give advertisers information about individual users of Phylway Construction.

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