Levees, and Roads

From a construction standpoint the only thing that separates these disciplines is the surface material that sits atop the subgrade that Phylway has prepared. A roadway typically has a concrete surface course, or a Hot Mix Asphaltic Concrete base course and wearing course. A levee might simply require a healthy stand of grass. But the subgrade work: clearing, grubbing, stripping, excavation, grading, hauling, filling, compaction, subsurface drainage, and utilities relocation or installation items are generally the same whether you’re building a levee, or a roadway.

Because we do not do major concrete or asphalt installations, Phylway Construction generally serves as prime contractor and subcontracts those items to such professional firms whose expertise is in those areas. However, if concrete or asphalt items are major components of a project, Phylway proudly serves as subcontractor, and diligently performs the same subgrade tasks that we would if we were the prime contractor. We get the job done. Period. Prime contractor, subcontractor, the work is the same; and our attitude of excellence always remains the same.

Sitework and Utilities

On these projects we perform as general contractors so that we can provide the Owner or Developer with single source accountability on their project. Phylway Construction is totally responsible to get the project built on time and within budget with no excuses for anything less than a quality job. Using the latest in GPS technology, such as automated grading systems on our Caterpillar dozers and motor graders, our dirtwork and grading skills are unparalleled in the industry. Our utility crews are seasoned, experienced, and well supervised by highly skilled foremen and consistently perform their tasks promptly, efficiently, and always in a highly professional manner. At Phylway we are only as good as our people, and our people are as good as they come!

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